The Perfect Pencil Press Kit

Studio Cima
Milan, Italy

Release date
TBA 2024

PC, Steam
Nintendo Switch


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Hi! Let us introduce you to The Perfect Pencil!

ThePerfect Pencil is a surreal action platformer game that tells a tale of personal development and explores the psychology of fear. 

Tag along with protagonist John, as he wakes up in a bizzarre, hand-drawn kingdom where he will face terrors that dwell in the last place he’d ever thought to look.


The Perfect Pencil joins a branching narrative experience together with an action platformer gameplay, using the well-oiled structure of a Metroidvania game.

Exploration is paramount for the narrative of the game, and it builds on elements from the environmental lore, from character interactions, secrets, enemies and from player’s choices. The player will be challenged time and time again to gain a better understanding of the circumstances John found himself in, an to choose for him a path. Will it be the right way to escape the kingdom of the White Beast?


  • Explore a carefully crafted hand drawn world filled with quests, secrets and surprises
  • Meet a large number of quirky personalities and interact with them
  • Gather a better understanding of the game in order to choose the path that’s better suited for you. At the same time let yourself be influenced in your choices by a fascinating diegetic narrative
  • Fast paced action combat and smooth platforming add to the experience in this adventure with Metroidvania elements
  • Rich psychological narrative, deepened by John analysis abilty





Studio Cima is an Italian independent game studio, based in Milan, It

Studio Cima is an Italian independent game studio, based in Milan, Italy. The studio was born in 2019.

We met in 2019 and we started building  our studio soon after, armed with the ideas behind The Perfect Pencil.

In the last three years of development we grew stronger as a team, we learned how to perfect our pipeline and we advanced our skills in every aspect of game development. We have no doubts that we can deliver a very polished game.

The Perfect Pencil marks the first time we work together as a studio, but we all come from years of experience working in animation, development, game design, etc.

We embarked together in the undertaking of exploring the complexity of the human condition through the medium of video game.

We think that the potential of the medium and the reach of its interactive communication can allow us to create an intimate and carefully crafted experience, that we hope will open players to a different perspective.

We love what we are doing and we can’t wait to show it to the world.